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walter lawrence history 01 – by Theo van de Bilt

1st Viscount Jocelyn – by Douglas Coe

Second Earl of Roden

1st Earl of Roden – by Douglas Coe

Earl of Arran– by Douglas Coe

Richard Josslyn/Josselyn/Jocelyn c1528-1575 – “Builder” of Hyde Hall – – by Douglas Coe

Celebrating Rivers Wassail  – by Elizabeth Waugh

Peter Rober T Hickman Tilbury (1914 – 1961) The Story Of A Sawbridgeworth Adventurer – by Douglas Coe

Private William Alfred Wybrew – The Story Of A Great War Survivor – by Douglas Coe

Hyde Hall/Great Hyde Hall – The Story Of A Manorial Home– by Douglas Coe 

The story of the supposed ‘Horse Race course’ at West Road – by Douglas Coe

All the fun of the fair – The Sawbridgeworth Horse Fair in the olden days – by Gill Munro, Wally Wright and Theo van de Bilt

A manorial history of Sayesbury – Sawbridgeworth  – part one – by Theo van de Bilt

Asgar the Staller – first known Lord of Sawbridgeworth by Douglas Coe

SBW pubs – an overview – by Douglas Coe

Meet the Barnards by Douglas Coe

The Sawbridgeworth WW1 Memorial Group visits Ypres and St. Julien by Theo van de Bilt

The Dorringtons of Little Hallingbury and Sawbridgeworth – by Philip Hays

Sawbridgeworth in the thirties – by Edna Richardson

A miller’s tale – the life of Thomas Burton – by Douglas Coe

A day at the races- by Douglas Coe

Sawbridgeworth Watermills – by Douglas Coe

John Prior – a Sawbridgeworth entrepeneur – by Douglas Coe

The King of Prussia pub – Gone but not forgotten – by Douglas Coe

The Feathers – A long lost Sawbridgeeorth Inn – by Douglas Coe

The Sawbridgeworth friendly society by Douglas Coe

Rivers Nursery and the Rural way of life by Elizabeth Waugh

Annie Thomas and Richard Clements – from Sawbridgeworth to Canada via the Poorhouse – by Francis Frances

HMML 146 Sawbridgeworth’s own warschip in the second world war – by Douglas Coe

The Sawbridgeworth Congregational church – by Theo van de Bilt

Brian Rochester – by Hilary Matthews and Theo van de Bilt

Rowland Alston – Lord of the Manor of Sayesbury (Sawbridgeworth) – by Dougas Coe

 Sawbridgeworth remembers its Fallen from WW2 – by Douglas Coe